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Welcome to the DropMixin Wiki!

This wiki is designed as a read only reference for the game DropMix by Harmonix and Hasbro.

This site is still under development. It's far enough along that I thought it was time to share it with everyone.

If you want a reference for DropMix cards, you've come to the right place!

To get started, use the search field, or pick Random card, Random song, or Random illustrator to start browsing. (These links are also in the sidebar on the left.)

If you're looking for a list of cards in one place, the spreadsheet on Google Docs remains a good choice - here's my version: DropMix Card Checklist (Public - More Data)

A number of the reference list pages are now available!

By Power:

Fx level 1 32.png Fx level 2 32.png Fx level 3 32.png

By Instrument:

Instrument drums 32.png Instrument guitar 32.png Instrument horns 32.png Instrument sampler 32.png Instrument strings 32.png Instrument synth 32.png Instrument vocal 32.png

By Type:

Card yellow 32.png Card red 32.png Card blue 32.png Card green 32.png
FX Cards
Wild Cards

Contact Jerrith on the DropMix Discord if you have any questions.