Guitar Loop Cards

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There are 11 Power 1 cards, 9 Power 2 cards, 13 Power 3 cards, and 8 Wild cards with this instrument type combination.

Power 1 Cards:

S01C125.png S02C184.png S02C050.png S01C154.png S01C050.png S01C095.png S01C124.png S01C034.png S01C035.png S02C049.png S01C065.png

Power 2 Cards:

S01C246.png S02C051.png S02C126.png S01C096.png S01C021.png S01C081.png S01C141.png S01C216.png S01C126.png

Power 3 Cards:

S01C007.png S01C292.png S01C127.png S01C022.png S01C067.png S01C037.png S02C127.png S02C232.png S01C097.png S01C277.png S02C142.png S01C217.png S01C306.png

Wild Cards:

S01C091.png S01C271.png S01C046.png S01C031.png P01C002.png S01C286.png P01C004.png S02C016.png