Guitar Bass Cards

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There are 5 Power 1 cards, 17 Power 2 cards, 12 Power 3 cards, and 14 Wild cards with this instrument type combination.

Power 1 Cards:

S01C296.png S01C191.png S01C206.png S01C251.png S01C221.png

Power 2 Cards:

S01C147.png S01C042.png S01C132.png S02C132.png S01C012.png S01C267.png S01C207.png S01C072.png S01C102.png S01C282.png S01C222.png S02C147.png S02C237.png S01C297.png S01C027.png S01C252.png S01C057.png

Power 3 Cards:

S01C133.png S02C148.png S02C058.png S01C043.png S01C028.png S01C283.png S02C193.png S01C193.png S01C298.png S01C088.png S01C223.png S01C103.png

Wild Cards:

S01C091.png S01C271.png S01C166.png S01C241.png S01C226.png S01C031.png P01C002.png S01C181.png S01C286.png S01C256.png P01C004.png S01C196.png S01C061.png S01C211.png